Snap Pliers Instructions




Getting Ready:
1.    Your snap pliers will come with a pressing bolt and rubber pressing head installed. They will also come with larger pressing bolt for use with size 24 snaps.
2.    Your pliers will come with two or three extra black plastic cap dies. If none are assembled on your pliers, you will need to choose the one you want to use and install it. Choose the cap die that is closest to the cap size that you are applying. If the snap caps do not fit your cap die exactly then choose the die that is slightly larger than the cap.
You may find it easier to fit this piece if you first remove the rubber pressing head, install the cap die and then replace the rubber pressing head.
After you install your cap die, you can tighten it so that it won’t fall out by turning the small screw (see photo above). 
How to Press Snaps
OK, now for the good part. You’ve been waiting to press snaps, right?
1.    Start by marking the placement of your snaps. Once you have them all marked properly, use the awl (or a large needle or other sharp object) to poke a hole where each snap will be applied. 
2.    Take the cap piece and push the prong from the bottom of the fabric up through the hole you made like this:
3.    Place the stud or socket piece on top of the fabric, so that the prong of the cap comes up through the middle like this:
4.    Now for the tricky part… holding everything in place, center the snap in the pliers so that the cap is centered in the lower die and the stud or socket is centered under the rubber upper die.  


5.    Then close the pliers on the snap and press:
Sockets are more forgiving; if you don’t have it centered perfectly it won’t matter. Studs are trickier; if you have it off center you will end up smashing the stud piece. If this happens you will need to remove the snap and start over.
6.    Have a look at the center of the snap after you have pressed it. If you did it correctly, the pointy prong will have been flattened into a low, flat disk that cannot pull back through the hole in the stud or socket. If you didn’t press hard enough you’ll see the pointy prong is still high and narrow in the middle of the snaps. If that happens, just center it back in the pliers and press again; harder this time!
Basic Troubleshooting
Look closely at the center of the snap to see if the prong was completely flattened. If the prong is not flat enough, your snap will appear normal at first, but will not function correctly. If the prong was not pressed hard enough, you may experience:
  • A snap that appears normal, but will not stay closed when snapped together. Most notable is the absence of the usual “pop” you should hear when snapping the pieces together.
  • A snap that appears normal, but falls off easily when you try to use it.

Occasionally the snap will seem fine until the first time you wash it, and then you will experience one of the above problems.

If you look closely at the snaps below, you can see that the blue cap was pressed hard enough. The prong has been pressed into a low, flat circle. The red cap was not pressed hard enough, and is smaller and higher. The red cap needs to be pressed again:

If you need to re-press a snap, be sure to center the snap in the pliers before you press again!
Still having problems?
If you are sure you are pressing hard enough, but your snap prongs are not getting flat enough, or will not snap together then it is likely that your fabric and is not compatible with the snaps you have chosen.  This is generally a problem of the snap prongs being too long for the fabric you are using.  A few solutions:
  • Do not use long prong snaps unless you know you need them.  Always try regular prong snaps first, and if you are having problems with long prong snaps then go back to regular prongs before trying anything else.
  • Consider using extra layers or reinforcing the area where snaps are applied with a hidden layer.
  • Try using a smaller snap cap, such as switching from size 20 to 16.


Hope that's enough basic information about using your pliers to get you started.  If you have other questions don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help. 

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