KAM Resin Snap Colors


KAM’s standard line currently includes 60 colors. 
Click on the photos to see them larger.
Here they are shown in glossy finish:
Here they are shown in matte finish:
Assunta Store also has 15 custom colors:


If you don’t have a color card to compare to your project, here is some additional information to help you choose the color you need.
B1 Tomato Red is a bright red, but has more orange tones than the other reds. 
B2 Midnight Navy is a very dark navy blue, easily confused with black in poor lighting.
B3 White is true opaque white.
B4 Stormy Gray is a very dark gray.
B5 Black is true black.
B6 Dark Brown is a very dark, dark brown, easily confused with black in poor lighting.
B7 Yellow is a bright lemon yellow.
B8 Bright Blue is a bright blue.
B9 Olive Gray is a dark greenish gray, lighter than B4.
B10 Dark Yellow is a dark marigold yellow.
B11 Gold is a metallic golden color.
B12 Bronze is a metallic golden bronze color, darker than B11
B13 Silver Gray is a metallic silver gray color.
B14 Spring Green is a spring green color.
B15 Dusty Rose is a rusty brownish rose color.
B16 Royal Blue is a royal blue.
B17 Melon Orange is a peachy melon orange.
B18 Pastel Pink is a pastel baby pink.
B19 Pastel Green is a pastel mint green color.
B20 Pastel Blue is a pastel baby blue color.
B21 Pale Pink is a very pale, almost translucent pink.
B22 Ivory is a slightly translucent, natural ivory color, with hints of yellow.
B23 Light Tan is a very light tan color.
B24 Light Gray is a pale gray.
B25 Tan is a medium tan.
B26 Rusty Brown is a medium brown with rusty, reddish tones.
B27 Turquoise is a darker turquoise (blue/green)
B28 Lavender is medium lavender
B29 Jade Green is a deep jade green
B30 Olive is an olive shade of green.
B31 Pine / Hunter green is a dark pine or forest green.
B32 Denim Blue is a stormy blue.
B33 Hot Pink is a very deep hot pink.
B34 Plum Purple is a plum or wine color of purple.
B35 Purple is a deep, dark purple.
B36 Neon Yellow is a neon bright yellow.
B37 Creamy White is an off-white creamy color with none of the yellow tones of B22.
B38 Deep Red is a deep red with none of the orange tones of B1
B39 Gray is a deep gray, just slightly lighter than B4 Stormy Gray.
B40 Pumpkin is a bright pumpkin orange color.
B41 Violet is a bright purple.
B42 Dark Tan is a deep tan color, similar to but darker than B25.
B43 Pearly White is bright white color, slightly more translucent than B3.
B44 Apple Green is a granny smith apple green color.
B45 Silver is lovely metallic silver, lighter than B13.
B46 Bright Teal is a bright turquoise color, brighter than B27 and with stronger blue tones.
B47 Neon Pink is a bright neon pink.
B48 Periwinkle Medium Blue is a medium periwinkle blue.
B49 Navy Purple is a very dark purple, almost navy
B50 Lime is a bright neon lime green
B51 Kelly Green
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