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We are Americans living in China; we have been here working with abandoned babies and disabled orphans for the past 15 years.  We never planned to set up a store, yet over the years we have seen a great demand for the items that we use in our projects.  We have had many requests to supply snaps, presses, sewing notions, diapers etc at a reasonable cost; Assunta Store is our answer.  We sell items that we use ourselves, so we are confident of the quality and understand how they work. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, either through e-mail or on the Assunta Store Facebook page. You can also visit our blog for store-related news.


All sales from this store support China Little Flower.   China Little Flower is a non-profit organization caring for disabled and dying orphaned children in China.   Little Flower cares for orphans in a number of projects:


The Hospice is a special place to provide comfort, love, and care to orphans who are dying.


Special Care for Infants: We provide intensive care to babies who are abandoned with complex medical needs. We focus on caring for babies born prematurely, those with club feet, and babies with birth defects or illness requiring skilled nursing care.


Group Homes allow disabled school age orphans to live in a supportive family environment while attending school and acquiring life skills that will allow them an independent future.


Long Term Care: In this program we care for older disabled orphans with severe mental and physical impairment. These are children who have no hope of ever being adopted or living independently as adults. 


You can learn more about Little Flower's orphan care projects by visiting the China Little Flower website.  Updates are often posted to Little Flower Projects' Facebook page.


China Little Flower is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization registered in the state of Nebraska.  If you would like to donate to China Little Flower directly, please use the link below:






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